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The store went quiet. It seemed the fight was over, so I began scaveng-
ing. Dead raiders yielded armor and ammunition. I grabbed the hunting
rifle off my last victim. Vending machines produced Nuka-Cola. Exploring
the bathrooms, I found mattresses and drugs on the floors. It seemed this
was where the raiders had been sleeping. A fridge yielded an assortment
of food—the first thing Moira wanted me to find.
I proceeded into the back of the store to find the medicine Moira
wanted. More unfortunate dead Wastelanders hung from the ceiling. The
last was nailed to the wall in a vaguely Christlike pose. Like many of the
others, he was headless.
As I studied him, I heard a burst of automatic weapons fire. I saw my
blood and heard my cries of pain as the bullets hit me. Turning, I saw
my ambusher. It was a raider with an assault rifle, wearing a motorcycle
helmet with antlers nailed to the sides. He kept shooting, wounding my
left arm. I stumbled back, firing blindly with my pistol. His next burst shat-
tered my leg just as I dropped behind the cover of the pharmacy counter.
I looked through my pack and noticed a frag grenade. I stood up and
tossed it. It landed at the antlered madman's feet and exploded, separating
his legs at the knees and launching him into the air.
The store quieted again.
I repaired my arm with my last Stimpak and began scavenging. I
picked the locks on some ammunition cases, taking bullets, grenades, and
improvised mines. On various shelves I found machine parts, scraps of
food, and a book called Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor .
Trying to get into the pharmacy's back room, I found myself blocked
by a door that was too advanced for my rudimentary lockpicking skills.
Searching around, I found a key for the pharmacy in a metal box some
distance away. I returned and used it to open the door.
The pharmacy storage room was filled with rows of broken-down
shelving. Most of it was covered with junk, but I did find darts, more gre-
nades, liquor, a pressure cooker, and a miniature nuclear bomb. I also
found the medical supplies Moira wanted to know about. I used one of the
Stimpaks to heal my wounded leg.
As I left the pharmacy, I heard a voice over the store P.A. system.
“We're back. Somebody open up the. . .Hang on, something ain't right
here.” Raiders were entering the store from the front door, and I was
trapped at the back.
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