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I considered this. “Sounds like a great idea!” I said. “I can't wait to
help! What are you looking for?”
“Well, food and medicine. Everyone needs them once in a while,
right? So they need a good place to find them! There's an old Super-Duper
Mart not far from here. I need to know if a place like that still has any food
or medicine left in it.”
I agreed and said goodbye. An hour out of the Vault, and already I'm
Moira Brown's survival guinea pig.
Once outside the town gates, I followed my compass toward the Super-
Duper Mart. I soon crested a hill and found the husk of Washington, DC,
laid out in front of me. Shattered buildings stretched away to the horizon,
forming a jagged border against the yellow sky. I trudged toward them.
I found the Super-Duper Mart on the outskirts of town. Whoever ar-
chitected it must have lacked in either creativity or money, because it was
no more than a giant concrete shoebox, identifiable only by the huge block-
letter sign looming over the parking lot.
As I entered the parking lot, I heard the boom of a big hunting gun
alternating with the pakpakpak of an assault rifle. I rounded a corner and
found a Wasteland raider battling it out with a man in an ancient leather
coat. “What's wrong? Can't stand the sight of your own blood?” screamed
the man in leather. They were his last words. The raider shot him down
with a burst from the assault rifle and he fell, gurgling. Then she turned
on me.
As with most raiders, this one had dressed to impress. She sported a
tight black jumpsuit covered in spikes, a double Mohawk, and thick eye-
liner that lent a demonic quality to her face.
She fired with her assault rifle. I fired back with my pistol. I must have
hit her in the arm, because she dropped her weapon. I kept firing as she
rushed to pick it up and take cover behind an ancient car.
Then she opened up, this time from behind the car. I was caught in
the open and took several hits. It looked bad—my pistol wasn't powerful
enough for me to trade blows with her assault rifle like this.
Just as I was getting desperate, I heard a boom from behind me. I
turned to find a leather-clad woman firing at the raider with a huge rifle.
She fired once more, and the raider fell.
I approached the dead raider and stripped her of everything she car-
ried, including her assault rifle and ammunition. I even took her spiky
clothes. They weren't my style, but I thought I might sell them later.
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