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tination; it's an interactive process just like anything else creative. Start with a core element you find fun, and
then iterate—prototype, refine, rinse, repeat—until you find something that works and works extremely well.
“Code something random, even if it's just a simple Tetris clone, and you'll be surprised what you learn. That
way, when your big idea inevitably comes up, you'll have the skills and tools to make it happen. Growth is the
key, both in your own process and with your games, and if you don't grow in this industry, you won't survive
very long.”
Here are the key points we covered in this chapter:
Paying web game customers are primarily between 20 and 45 years old, skewing slightly female. Big
spenders tend to be in North America, Europe, and parts of Asia (particularly in South Korea).
Major sources of revenue for web games include advertising, third-party service providers, prepaid cards,
and credit cards/PayPal.
When monetizing with advertising, experiment by varying your ad network by country and using Google
Ad Manager for multiple ad networks. For distributed games, incorporate a large, reliable ad network or
stream the game from your servers.
Small/indie web game developers should go with a name brand payment option(s), reduce payment fric-
tion, and offer multiple payment options and multiple revenue streams. They should also reward players
for paying, and retain nonpaying customers by making sure it's fun to play the game for free.
Kongregate, a leading web game publisher, has about 15 million monthly visitors. Developers who pub-
lish their games on Kongregate and attract a good audience can expect to earn about $5,000-10,000 on
When submitting to Kongregate, many developers fail by forgetting the fun aspect of the game, or allow-
ing bugs and other glitches to go unfixed. Instead, when designing games for the Kongregate audience,
take risks and be unique.
Jay Is Games is a leading “kingmaker” site for web games—it has about 2.5 million visitors. A well-
made game hosted on the site averages about 250,000 plays, whereas some of the biggest hits draw 2-3
million. When looking for games to cover, JiG editors are looking for games of quality, ease of use, and
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