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“Developers are figuring out that by marrying different sub-genres, they can play off their strengths and weak-
nesses to create something really dynamic.
“Another good example of a hybrid is Kingdom Rush, a game that combines real-time strategy with tower
defense elements (see Figure 7-7 ). Even people who don't like tower defense games are eating it up.” (In
Chapter 3, Greg McClanahan of Kongregate also stressed the appeal of hybrid games.)
“We're also seeing more games with real heart behind them, games that are willing to tackle important issues
in a mature, engaging fashion. Developers are learning how to weave their stories and ideas into the gameplay,
creating meaningful experiences that capitalize on the interactivity of games to deliver a much stronger emo-
tional message.”
To Get Your Game Going Viral: Passion, Practice,
“Make the game you always wanted to play. Work on it as often as you can, don't get discouraged, and never
stop learning new things, whether they be nuances to your programming language, new design concepts, or in-
formative podcasts about badgers for your upcoming game about badgers.
Figure 7-7: Hybrid game hit Kingdom Rush
“Be objective about your work and don't let the good things about your game blind you to the criticisms
you'll receive. On the same coin, don't let negative comments weigh you down so you can't see the positives.
Pay attention to what people tell you about your work and incorporate that feedback. Game design isn't a des-
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