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Getting Your Game on Jay Is Games, the
Web Game Kingmaker
Jay Is Games happens to be my personal favorite for web game recommendations.
Many sites host web games, but Jay Is Games ( ) is among the largest and the most influential.
At the moment, 1.5 million people visit the site 2.5 million times; a well-made game hosted on the site averages
about 250,000 plays, whereas some of the biggest hits will draw 2-3 million. See Figure 7-6 .
Figure 7-6: The Jay Is Games homepage
Through its annual Casual Gameplay Design Competition, games like Gimme Friction Baby and ...But That
Was [Yesterday] have become viral hits. So clearly the site is a web game kingmaker. Trouble is, JiG features
only a limited number of games that developers submit to the site. How do you increase the odds that yours
will become one of them? Editors Jay Bibby, John Bardinelli, and the rest of the team share some insights and
What They're Looking for in Games: Quality, Ease of
Use, and Fun
“Lots of factors go into the decision to host a game, including overall quality, ease of use, and of course, how
much fun it is. Each time we evaluate a game we get as many of our reviewers to play it as possible. That gives
us a wide range of opinions to pull from, since some people will be die-hard fans of the genre and others just
occasional dabblers. Once we play the game, we start our discussion, which touches on aspects ranging from
level design to puzzles, artwork, sounds, menu screens, and so on. If the general consensus is positive, we'll go
ahead with the review.
“Quality is the biggest factor we look at, but some people confuse 'quality' with 'has nice graphics.' We're
more concerned with quality as in how the game is written, how the controls feel, and how intuitive it is to play.
If your game has an overall high level of polish and smart design, people will notice it. Inspired games can
transcend genre preferences, so even if you hate strategy games, for example, you'll recognize a good one when
you see it.
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