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make about $2 million a year or more. “[They] tend to find the greatest value in our service.” He says deve-
lopers and publishers who sign with the company see a 15 percent or higher increase in annual revenue from
their baseline earning rate, “assuming they had revenue before launching with us.”
How Vindicia CashBox Is Different from Competitors
“First, our focus on helping game developers and publishers maximizes long-term player 'lives,'” says Sarathy.
“We track the revenue uplift from our customer retention capabilities and that number, as indicated earlier, is 15
percent+ on an annualized basis. Second is the flexibility and ease with which our clients can change business
models to support changing environments. We've had game clients who have shifted from a pure-play subscrip-
tion model to a free-to-play game that monetized with micro-transactions, and they were able to easily make the
changes in CashBox to support this business model shift.”
Advice for Web Developers on How to Best Monetize with Vindicia CashBox
Sarathy adds, “Make it easy for players to leave your game, but ensure you have retention offers as they leave.
Players will leave with a positive experience and often come back later to play your game.
Figure 7-3: Vindicia CashBox
“If a significant percentage of your customer base is outside your home country, be cognizant of supporting
your game in different currencies. One of our clients who moved to localized currencies increased their acquis-
ition rates by 5 percent on an annualized basis as a result of expanding from just U.S. dollars to incorporate UK
sterling, euros, Australian dollars, and New Zealand dollars.”
Part of making money through a service like Vindicia is expecting customers to change their minds during
the payment process—or reverse charges afterward.
“If you do get chargebacks,” advises Sarathy, “understand the reasons for those chargebacks—it could be a
result of internal business processes that, if changed, can improve revenue and reduce costs. Every chargeback
is not just lost revenue but also involves fees from your processor, and so on.”
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