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Figure 7-2: Google Ad Manager
NOTE “[I]t is only through using multiple networks and ad solutions that you will find what works best for
you, and I don't believe there is a single solution that best suits everyone, so it pays to experiment, but man-
age your risk,” says Nitrome's Matthew Annal.
Third-Party Service Providers
Because monetizing web games is such a big business, third-party service providers dominate the way players
pay for their games: “Companies like Vindicia, Digital River, PlaySpan, Live Gamer, Xsolla, and ZipZap are
making deals with portals, distributors, publishers, and developers of all sizes,” M2's Pidgeon explains.
Often, game sites will somewhat mask this relationship: “Large portals, publishers, and distributors can
white-label services to obscure third-party participation, or can use 'powered by' co-branding or straight-up
third-party branding by payment services.” These services primarily support credit card and PayPal, but allow
other payment means that are easier based on the player's age, income level, and region.
Pidgeon says, “Distributors want to own the customer account no matter how the customer provides pay-
ment, and the top priority is to reduce friction—whatever payment scheme is easiest and most comfortable for
the customers, payment services want to be able to accept. Also, payment may be a transfer as a parental allow-
ance, friend gifting, advertiser-based tokening, or player-to-player transactions.” Although third-party payment
services generally operate by commissions, and will take a cut of your revenue, their ability to offer and handle
multiple payment methods is extremely valuable, and worth considering.
Provide a Payment Service Like Vindicia CashBox
A customer relationship management and billing platform, Vindicia CashBox (see Figure 7-3 ) provides payment
solutions for gaming companies like Mind Candy, creator of the extremely popular web game Moshi Monsters.
Sanjay Sarathy, Senior Vice President with Vindicia, recommends their service to developers who expect to
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