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Figure 7-1: Nitrome advertising on a third-party site
This advice is more likely to apply to developers who gain the millions of players that Nitrome has, rather than to small studios.
“The downside of this is that we have to pay for the bandwidth of the games that are played,” Annal acknow-
ledges, “so it is not ideal, but if you can get the right ad partners, as we have, you more than make up for the
money you lose.”
Use Google Ad Manager for Multiple Ad Networks
Originally, Nitrome would “daisy chain” the ad networks it used for its games. Explains Annal, “You put one
ad network first and then whatever they don't fill over a set floor rate, they pass on to the next person in your
chain.” However, this caused problems, because advertisers always want to be first to display in the game.
Nitrome's solution is to use Google Ad Manager (see Figure 7-2 ), so “all the networks can be at the top level
competing with each other and with Google for the best price, before things that don't get filled drop down the
chain. You end up filling more at a higher price than if you use a daisy chain.” Still, Annal cautions, even when
you're using Ad Manager, finding the optimal advertising solution takes some trial and error.
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