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Figure 6-3: Google+'s game channel
That said, it's certainly worth exploring Google+ as a secondary market for your Facebook or web games
(once they become successful on those platforms), especially as the company is offering competitive revenue
sharing deals in an attempt to woo game developers onto the G+ platform. It's also likely that integration with
Android phones, YouTube, Chromebooks, and other Google+ products will eventually turn it into a viable plat-
Farm/City/Kingdom-Type Simulation Games Not Likely
to Grow
As this topic goes to print in mid-2012, Facebook's top simulation games—CityVille, FarmVille, CastleVille,
etc.—have been steadily losing users. This does not seem attributable to problems with Zynga, because during
the same time period, non-simulation games from Zynga, such as Texas HoldEm Poker and Words With Friends,
have enjoyed relatively steady growth. For that matter, other popular simulation games not from Zynga, such
as Wooga's Monster World and 6waves's Ravenskye City, are also showing decline. It's likely that interest in
the genre has finally reached a saturation point, especially as people gravitate to casual/arcade games which
better enable cross-platform, head-to-head play on mobile devices—games like the aforementioned Texas and
Words, along with Bubble Safari, Diamond Dash, and so on. In the next year or two, it's quite possible that all
the “Ville” games will entirely fall from the top of Facebook's popularity charts. And FarmVille, which many
still consider the typical Facebook game, will become a distant memory in this new upcoming era of mobile,
cross-platform Facebook gaming.
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