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Figure 6-2: Gaikai Cloud Streaming 3D Games on Facebook Store
Google+ Not a Likely Viable Facebook Competitor
(Though a Good Secondary Market)
As of this writing, the status of Google+ as an alternative social network to Facebook is very much in doubt.
Although Google claims G+ has more than 100 million active users, the definition of “active” remains unclear,
especially in terms that are relevant to game developers. For that reason, although Google is attempting to make
its social network more conducive to games (see Figure 6-3 ) , it doesn't seem to have enough users to be a good
ecosystem for gaming, especially compared to Facebook. What's more, at the moment, average user sessions
on Google+ are much shorter than they are on Facebook. And as 5th Planet's Robert Winkler argues, “For the
most part, [Facebook's] going to be where all the users are...people will always fall back to their social network
where they share.”
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