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Cross-Platform and Mobile Connectivity—Especially
Facebook Connect
In its IPO filing in early 2012, Facebook reported a surprising stat: 50 percent of its traffic now comes from
mobile devices. Game designers have not devoted much creative energy to this user behavior, with most Face-
book games mainly or exclusively developed to play on the web version of Facebook. This will change very
soon, and designers should immediately begin thinking about how their upcoming Facebook games can fully
leverage mobile devices, including tablets (see Figure 6-1 ) . Doing this also gives players the freedom to play
their favorite games across multiple devices, each of them tailored to their particular platform.
Figure 6-1: OMGPOP/Zynga's Draw Something in iTunes' App Store
An early sign of this trend was Spring 2012's breakout success, Draw Something. Although it's primarily
played on smartphones and tablets, players of OMGPOP's game are counted as Facebook gamers due to the
app's use of Facebook Connect (in both the iOS and Android versions). Although the use of Connect defines it
as a Facebook game, the ability of players to share Draw Something content with friends in their social graphs
also encourages viral growth.
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