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Chapter 6
Future Trends and Opportunities for Face-
book Games
In This Chapter
Developing for cross-platform and mobile connectivity—especially via Facebook Connect
Creating shareable user-generated content
Seeing the end of updates as a viral channel
Forecasting unlikely Facebook gaming trends
As a game platform, Facebook changes and evolves so quickly. It's been difficult to keep up with its evolution,
even during the four months it took to write this topic. When I began writing it in January 2012, for example,
Zynga's dominance of the market was utterly unquestioned. Then came March, and within a few weeks, a
Pictionary-like game called Draw Something (from a small developer called OMGPOP), launched, grew wildly,
and was suddenly the most popular Facebook game overall. (Unsurprisingly, Zynga purchased OMGPOP days
after this “most popular” milestone was reached.) Played on iOS and Android using Facebook Connect function-
ality, its success strongly suggested the strength of at least two future trends (discussed in the section “Cross-Plat-
form and Mobile Connectivity”).
Forecasting Future (Likely) Facebook
Gaming Trends
Unsurprisingly, Zynga purchased OMGPOP days after this “most popular” milestone was reached.
The success of Draw Something also illustrates how rapidly trends can appear from unexpected places. With that
understanding in mind, the following sections sketch the likely trends that Facebook developers should pay close
attention to.
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