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users can easily skip it. “We have a wall of text, but it shouldn't take you more than one click to get past,” as he
puts it.
Just one story zone of Legacy of a Thousand Suns is about 39,000 words, the size of a short novel.
Figure 5-9: Sample game text in Legacy of a Thousand Suns
At the same time, Winkler argues that the game's most hard-core users do read most of the text, and relate
the gist of the story and background to other players, in forums and other channels. To prove his case, Winkler
notes that Legacy players had a strong emotional reaction to a plot twist in the last game zone.
Drive Viral Growth with Group Experiences
Winkler says that adding group raids was the best design decision to Legacy and Dawn. In this play mode, play-
ers are challenged to defeat a game boss within a certain time frame (such as 72 hours), with each participating
player promised huge amounts of loot if the boss can be killed by then. See Figure 5-10 .
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