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other social games (see Figure 5-8 ) . “We wanted the game to feel like something special,” he explains. “We
felt that Facebook lacked a true RPG experience.” They found a writer and composer on the developer forum, and paid $1,000 for the music. (This was, Winkler says, “a HUGE part of our budget.”) Even
though most or many players eventually toggle off the music, Winkler believes it's worthwhile in order to por-
tray Legacy as something unique, from the very first log-in.
For the art, 5th Planet partnered with Concept Art House, a studio that's created visual assets for Blizzard
and other major players. Instead of paying the company out of pocket, however, 5th Planet offered a revenue-
sharing deal, showing them the earnings of their first game to prove it was a worthwhile partnership.
Figure 5-8: Art from 5th Planet's Legacy of a Thousand Suns
A Text-Heavy Game Can Work on Facebook—If Your
Hard-Core Fans Love It
Another distinguishing feature of Legacy is its heavy use of text, far more than most Facebook games (see Fig-
ure 5-9 ). Winkler believes that most players don't read the storyline prose, and 5th Planet has designed it so
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