Game Development Reference
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Include daily game features; they drive daily usage. Encourage players to log in every day by introducing
fun features that unlock once every 24-hour cycle.
Deeply integrate monetization into design. It's not enough to create a good, fun game. The monetization
features should be designed from the start, alongside all the other features that make up the game.
Make buying virtual goods part of the first-time play experience. From the very start, players should have
(and enjoy) the process of purchasing virtual goods for the game.
Price your goods (generally) high, not low. Go in search of whales (paying users who spend more than
$20 on a single Facebook game per month), and lower your prices only if sales are slow.
Include virtual goods. Functional enhancements tend to sell well, decorations not (usually) so much.
Watch your monetization rates. Between 1-3 percent is typical, 5-9 percent is extremely good. Among
paying players, 10 percent are generally whales. A well-designed, well-monetized Facebook game will
earn 50 cents to 1 dollar in ARPU per monthly player.
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