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The sudden growth of Draw Something and Words With Friends, which are mainly played on mobile devices and outside of Facebook, is per-
haps an early sign of the two trends Smith anticipates.
How to Use AppData as a Developer
For developers who want to use, Smith has this advice: Focus on sub-genres that they are most
interested in creating games for and track relative movement to see which games in that sub-genre are growing.
Also advised: using the Compare Apps feature to generate a broader picture of the market. When looking at
particular apps, developers can use the Traffic Trends > Custom feature to track relative performance of genres
and games over specified segments of time.
For developers who want to follow their own games on Facebook, Smith recommends watching the DAU as
percentage of MAU (or DAU/MAU) metric.
Although it doesn't always tell the complete story of a game's health, a DAU/MAU that's over 20 percent usually indicates a game with a lot
of passionate players who are eager to monetize.
He also recommends closely following AppData's “gainers” leaderboard (see Figure 4-9 ) , which tracks
games that are gaining users and activity. Games that earn a place on this leaderboard tend to attract investors.
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