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Facebook Genres That Monetize Well: Poker and
Caretaking-Related Games
According to Smith, poker games earn more money than other genres, and speaking more broadly, games with
a caretaking mechanic also do well.
These include simulation games, in which the player regularly takes care of property, pets, fish, and so on.
Note that this does not necessarily mean just farming and pet games; for example, the Facebook game Army
Attack is a turn-based strategy title aimed at the mid-core market, but still contains a strong caretaking element
(see Figure 4-8 ) . Players must log in on a regular basis to collect base resources and repair any damage from
external attack.
Figure 4-8: Caretaking in Army Attack
Typical ARPU Rates of Successful Facebook Games
A well-designed, well-monetized Facebook game will earn 50 cents to 1 dollar in average revenue per user (or
ARPU) per monthly player. In other words, such a game with 100,000 monthly active users (or MAU) will
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