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Figure 4-7: Functional/decorative items in The Sims Social
Release Regular New Content to Increase Monetization
This point bears repeating: Regular and consistent content updates to your game are important, not only because
they help retain existing users, but also because they help turn more of those players into paying customers.
New content is also an opportunity to promote monetization. For instance, you can announce a new mission for
your RPG, and advise players to buy some power-ups to accomplish it. What's more, new content increases the
esteem of buying items associated with it.
Many players want to be the first among their fellow players to own the latest and coolest game goods.
When 5th Planet releases a new collection of virtual goods, Winkler tells me, “Some people will buy the
whole set in the first half hour, because they know they'll be using it for the next few months.” (Not to mention
they'll have bragging rights.)
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