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Figure 4-4: Speed-Up monetization option in Backyard Monsters
Design the Purchase of Virtual Goods to Be Part of the
First-Time Player Experience
In addition to integrating monetization in the design, it should also be integrated very early into the first-time
user experience. In other words, from the very start, the players should experience and enjoy the process of pur-
chasing virtual goods for the game. This accomplishes at least two goals—it familiarizes the players with the
in-game economy and the buying of items within it as part of the gameplay, and it potentially creates the desire
for more purchases down the road.
Emphasize Multiple Virtual Currency Acquisition and
Payment Methods
Although most Facebook game developers earn revenue through sales of their virtual currency, there should be
a number of ways to pay for it in real life, including PayPal, credit card, cell phone, pre-paid cards sold at retail
stores, and advertising engagement offers. See Figure 4-5 .
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