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Figure 4-3: Tetris Battle's Daily Bonus Spin
Features like Daily Spins explicitly encourage consistent usage, but other features are also incorporated into
Facebook games to nudge players to log in often. For instance, leader boards enable players to compete with
each other, and leveling systems give players updates on their in-game progress. Above all, regular content up-
dates are an essential component of retention, encouraging players to keep coming back to see the new changes,
and in doing so, encouraging them to monetize.
Earning and Growing Revenue
Besides advertising, sponsorships/tie-ins, and other indirect revenue channels, most Facebook developers make
the lion's share of their money by getting players to purchase virtual goods via their in-game currency. Although
most players won't pay anything for your game, this section covers some of the tricks veteran designers use to
make it more likely that they will.
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