Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 3-6: Facebook advertising offer
Facebook allows game developers to supply advertising channels to their games (such as links to websites and
embedded video ads), which is another indirect revenue stream. It's a relatively small stream at the moment,
although it's likely we'll see it grow, especially as Facebook grows in developing nations.
Marketing and Promotion
Many Facebook games are not intended to earn money, but rather are promotional vehicles for other media
properties, such as movies or television shows. In that case, the designer's task is not necessarily to increase
long-term engagement in the game, but to boost awareness of the sponsoring property.
Pitching Publishers: Who Buys/Publishes
Indie Games and Why
Many of Facebook's top game makers often form publishing partnerships with low-budget indie game deve-
lopers, cross-promoting their titles to their large existing player base. Sometimes, the publisher prefers to buy
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