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Figure 3-4: Successful Facebook game growth: MAU and DAU/MAU (Copyright 2012 Inside Network Inc.,
a division of WebMediaBrands. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission from
Growth or Strong Activity after Three Months
Thanks to cross-promotion and heavy advertising, new Facebook games, especially those from top developers,
usually get a big growth spike at launch. But often, that's not because people are really enjoying the game. The
real test is how the game performs after the first three months, when cross-promotion and marketing generally
has run its course. Then, you need to look at another metric.
Strong DAU/MAU Rates after Three Months
“DAU/MAU” refers to the ratio of a game's daily active users to monthly active users, and it's probably the
most crucial indicator of a game that's doing well. As an industry rule of thumb, a DAU/MAU rate of 20 percent
or higher means the game is getting good retention and consistent monetization.
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