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Figure 3-2: KIXEYE's Backyard Monsters
Tetris Online, Inc.
Creator of TetrisĀ® Battle (see Figure 3-3 ) , one of Facebook's top-ten popular games, this Honolulu-based com-
pany is the exclusive online licensee of The Tetris Company, LLC and all rights to the world-famous TetrisĀ®
game in North America and Europe. Although Tetris Online has been involved with a number of Facebook
games that are variations of the original videogame, the company gained runaway success with Tetris Battle,
which added several competitive multiplayer features to the design. The company has also published Facebook
games not associated with the Tetris brand, and is open to submissions from indie designers.
Yes, one of the top Facebook game developers is based in Hawaii. Keep that in mind if you're hoping to work with Tetris Online.
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