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form game developer of Plants versus Zombies, Bejeweled, and for Facebook, Bejeweled Blitz (see Figure 3-1 ) .
The company's current hit is The Sims Social, a collaboration between Playfish developers and developers from
EA studio Maxis, creator of the original classic franchise.
Figure 3-1: EA PopCap's Bejeweled Blitz
This Berlin-based developer and publisher has created a number of games in several genres, including the casual
arcade games Diamond Dash and Bubble Island and Monster World, a farming sim with a fantasy twist.
In addition to the big three developers there are three rising stars, notable for their growing size and/or the
successful niches they've carved for themselves. These are covered next.
This developer was originally two separate companies that merged in 2011. 6waves began as an Asian-based
publisher of numerous social games, many of them independently developed. It joined with Lolapps, a San
Francisco-based quiz, gift, and game app development studio to develop and release an extremely large portfo-
lio of games . (The merged company now counts more than 400 games and entertainment apps on Facebook.)
This includes hits like Ravenskye City.
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