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physics puzzle game Game in which challenges are accomplished with the dynamic use of simulated
gravity, inertia, and other Newtonian physics. Angry Birds, of course, is the killer physics puzzle game
(also a launcher game).
platform agnostic A fancy way of describing a game that is playable on more than one platform (the
Web, iOS, and so on).
platformer Genre of game in which a player's character must traverse a series of multilevel obstacles by
running, jumping, climbing, dodging, and so on.
prepaid cards Typically sold in retail, drug, or convenience stores, cards embedded with code for re-
deeming virtual goods and currency in designated games.
port Conversion of a game from one platform to another, usually with most of the graphics and other key
assets intact.
retention In game development, the process of turning a game's first-time players into regular players.
RPG Roleplaying game, such as Sims Social or Dawn of the Dragons.
RTS Real-time strategy game, such as Battle Pirates.
secondary market Market on which players can trade valuable items with other players, for real or virtu-
al currency, generally on a site hosted by the company (which usually takes a commission on each sale).
Diablo III now has the most well known official secondary market in western gaming.
sim Not to be confused with the EA franchise. Short for “simulation,” a game in which the player must
customize and control a specific, enclosed ecosystem, such as a farm or city.
SmartTV Sometimes called Hybrid TV, the next-generation line of Internet-connected, social me-
dia-integrated televisions.
SMS payment Mobile payment conducted through a short message service, generally billed through the
consumer's telecom network.
Steam Valve's online game distribution service.
tower defense Genre of strategy game in which players must defend territory or resources against oppon-
ents by constructing weaponized towers and other emplacements.
UGC User-generated content. Think Draw Something.
Unity 3D graphics authoring platform compatible with Flash for the Web and iOS.
VCs Venture capitalists. The folks who can give you money.
virality Qualities and features that encourage users to share a game with friends and strangers, especially
online and in social media channels. Not to be confused with forced virality.
wall updates Facebook updates posted to a user's profile where his or her friends can see them (and gen-
erally re-share with their own networks).
WebGL JavaScript-based code for rendering 2D and 3D graphics in a web browser without the need for
a plug-in.
whales High-spending players in a freemium game (generally a small minority). One rule of thumb: A
whale is someone who spends $20 on a single Facebook game per month.
XBLA Xbox Live Arcade.
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