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CPI Cost-per-install—the average amount you can expect to pay for advertising and other means to get a
new player.
DAU Daily active user.
DAU/MAU The percentage of a Facebook game's daily active users in relation to monthly active users.
As an industry rule of thumb, a DAU/MAU rate of 20 percent or higher is extremely good.
DoD Dawn of Dragons (from 5th Planet Games).
D-pad “Direction pad,” the classic compass configuration used in old-school video-game consoles.
EA Electronic Arts, one the industry's largest publishers.
Facebook Credits Formerly the social network's official currency, once mandatory for use in all Face-
book games, but discontinued in June 2012.
Facebook moms Somewhat patronizing way to describe women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who generally
make up the largest audience for social games, especially casual, social, and light simulations.
forced virality (aka friend gating) In Facebook games, requiring that players invite or otherwise engage
with friends in order to access selected game content. See: every single game Zynga has ever made.
freemium Game based on assets associated with and based on an existing book, movie, TV show, game,
or other IP. The freemium business model is also known as F2P, or free-to-play.
hard-core gamer Audience of gamers, typically young and male, who prefer action and detail-oriented
strategy/combat/building games, usually with 3D graphics, and who tend to monetize at the highest rates.
Steam, Xbox 360, and PS3 are the main hard-core gamer platforms, but mid-core games are also often
popular with this segment.
HTML5 Latest 3D graphics and interaction-friendly version of markup language for web pages, designed
to work with powerful multimedia and interactive features (i.e., gaming).
in-app offer Advertising offer displayed within a game, usually linked to a game's virtual goods.
IAP In-app payment, generally referring to a micro-transaction conducted within an iOS game.
IP Intellectual property (such as game characters, storyline, or art assets).
launcher game Physics puzzle in which the object is to hit various objects by launching projectiles via
catapult, cannon, and so on.
licensed/franchise properties Games based on assets associated with an existing book, movie, TV show,
game, or other IP.
LTV Lifetime value of a given monetized player.
MAU Monthly active user. Rhymes with “cow.” Usage example: “Did you know that the Facebook satire
game called Cow Clicker actually attracted a lot of fans? Cow got good MAU!”
mid-core Intended for an audience at the midpoint between casual and hard-core gamers. Sometimes this
relates to platform availability. KIXEYE games, for example, are often called mid-core, because they're
games for hard-core players who can't bring their Xboxes to work.
MMO Massively multiplayer online game. Often used to describe iOS, web, or Facebook games that
have persistent, shared gameplay elements, such as High Noon for the iOS, RuneScape for the Web, and
Dragons of Atlantis on Facebook.
offer walls In these, gamers are given the opportunity to gain some kind of benefit (usually virtual goods
and currency in the iOS game they play) if they install and launch a designated game at least once.
on-ramp Steps a new player must take to become a regular player, such as account creation and orienta-
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