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iOS Game Design Lessons from Tiger
Style's Randy Smith and Impending's Phill
YouTube video footage of your game is important, especially for paid apps, because it shows potential players
what they'll be paying for and why it's great. Major updates to your game will increase installs, even when it's
been out for months. Creating a game with discrete levels makes it easier for players to enjoy short play ses-
sions; leader boards increase engagement and re-playability.
Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms are just as important for building a fan base and marketing
your game as they are for raising money. Develop a monetization plan that feels natural to the game; remove
abstraction from the user interface, so that the game controls intuitively relate to what's happening onscreen.
See Chapter 13, “iOS Game Developer Profile: Tiger Style and Hatch,” for more information.
Future iOS Trends Game Designers Should
Watch For
Facebook will become more pervasive on mobile devices, and iOS game developers need to compete with it
(or work with it) for attention. Acquisition costs will continue to rise, benefiting big publishers and making it
harder for indie developers. The iPad will increasingly become a hard-core gamer platform, especially for RTS
and MMO games. Location-based gaming, which uses a unique strength of the iOS, will become increasingly
popular. Don't expect many future iOS games to use an old-school D-pad, which is going the way of the dino-
China already has the biggest audience for iOS games, but Western designers need to know how to navigate
and appeal to that market: Chinese players not only like to buy game power-ups and enhancements, they brag
about them. Western social media integration doesn't work in China, since Twitter and Facebook are blocked.
Be sure to avoid the “Who the hell is King Arthur?” problem by creating games with universal themes that
Chinese gamers can relate to.
See Chapter 14, “Future Trends and Opportunities for iOS Gaming,” for more information.
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