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“Max is our attempt to try to teach things while telling a story,” says Ryu. “He's the neighborhood kid with
an over-excited imagination and an imaginary pet of his own, and he thinks he knows everything about them
but really is just about as clueless as the player starting out.”
Creating Max made it easy to show people how to play Hatch. “We have concepts and mechanics in the game
we want to teach our users early on in an efficient way,” Ryu explains, “but I think as gamers we all personally
hate the up-front tutorials that spell everything out. Max is great because one of his roles is asking the stupid
and obvious questions and getting stumped so the user doesn't have to. That's the user's cue to figure out that
mechanic or feature on their own as a simple puzzle with a clue, versus reading another line of instructions from
the manual.”
The game's final art, as noted, changed from this earlier version. As Ryu says, “This is an abandoned direc-
tion that was more modular and South Park style, and we ended up going with the hand-drawn frames look.”
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