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How Much a Developer Can Make with PlaySpan
“Revenue potential is often determined by two factors, game design and market reach,” says Mehta. “Games
with well-designed, engaging user experience mechanics with compelling storylines and the right balance of
intrinsic and extrinsic motivators typically perform well.
“As a resource, PlaySpan is available to help game developers gain exposure for their games using our two
consumer brands—PlaySpan Marketplace and the Ultimate Game Card. The PlaySpan Marketplace is an on-
line store that merchandises and sells game publishers' virtual currency as well as PlaySpan's own virtual cur-
rency—UltimatePoints and Ultimate Game Card—that can be redeemed in games using our UltimatePay plat-
form. The Ultimate Game Card is a pre-paid game card available at more than 75,000 retail points globally,
including retailers like Walmart, Target, GameStop, 7-11, CVS, and many more. PlaySpan also actively markets
the many different game titles using online, game forums, social media, and print.”
PlaySpan's Value, in Comparison to Competitors
“PlaySpan has a full suite of monetization services for online games that includes over 100 payment methods
from around the world, business model support for microtransactions, subscriptions, or a hybrid model,” says
Mehta. “Each service offers a real-time risk management application, specifically designed for the uniqueness
of selling digital goods, that checks all transactions against potential fraud. All of our services are supported by
a set of centralized applications that provide customer support, reporting, and detailed analytics. Our compre-
hensive suite of products and proven experience positions PlaySpan as a trusted partner in powering the monet-
ization of many top game titles from leading publishers, including the top four media companies in the world.”
In addition to that, the company has “game monetization metrics that provide developers with insight into
their user experience flows to keep the purchase process simple and frictionless.”
NOTE Vindicia CashBox is another game monetization service for web developers. See Chapter 7 for more
details on how they operate.
iOS Game Resources: Analytics
Michael Oiknine, CEO of leading iOS analytics service Apsalar ( ), brought a lot of insight
on gaining and monetizing mobile players to this topic. Apsalar has a free analytics platform called ApScience
( ) , which offers a customizable dashboard, cohort-based analysis, analysis by user
segmentation, trending reports, and other features.
Patrick Minotti and Peter Farago of Flurry Analytics ( ) gave great data and advice for the
iOS-related portions of this topic. Flurry is a free service considered powerful and easy to use, and has been used
by more than 70,000 companies on over 200,000 apps. The analytics service is free and works cross-platform
on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, HTML5, and JavaME. The firm also offers advanced features
such as Funnel Analysis, Category Benchmarks, Audience Composition, Custom Segments, and more.
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