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Site snapshot: A huge clearing house for games of all genre types and audiences. As you'll notice, Min-
iclip's user base is not only significantly larger than the others, but also has the largest user base of older
gamers. (Addicting Games and Game House also have a significant but slightly smaller base of older
gamers; with the others, however, the age distribution starts petering out past 34.)
Developer's page:
Monthly visitors: 9 million, 6.1 million from the United States
Key demographics: 46 percent of its visitors are 17 and under; 46 percent of its visitors have a household
income between $25,000 and $50,000; 62 percent are female.
Site snapshot: A subsidiary of Viacom International, this site is a smorgasbord of game genres for mul-
tiple markets. (There are even “Girl Games” and “Funny Games” categories.)
Developer's page:
Monthly visitors: 8.3 million visitors, 4.2 million from the United States
Key demographics: 27 percent of its visitors are between 45 and 55; 20 percent are under 17; 79 percent
are female; 53 percent have a household income between $25,000 and $50,000.
Site snapshot: Of all the publishers in this list, Big Fish's audience skews oldest and most female. It's
most popular among casual game-playing moms.
Web Game Resources: Monetization
Visa's PlaySpan ( ) is a popular payment/virtual goods solution provider that has a large
number of online games, including top web-based games such as RuneScape and the web game portal Kongreg-
ate. If you're planning to monetize your web game with virtual goods (and, as discussed, you should), you'll
probably also want to consider PlaySpan as a possible monetization option. Here's a summary of how the sys-
tem works, via company founder Karl Mehta.
Developer Cost to Use PlaySpan
“PlaySpan's UltimatePay does not charge any upfront costs to developers for our payment services,” says Me-
hta. “We offer a revenue share model in which we take a small percentage of game sales. The only cost to de-
velopers is the time spent to integrate the PlaySpan payment widget; these are simple REST APIs that can be
implemented in days.”
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