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NOTE Unless reported by the company, all demographic stats are from Google's Double Click Ad Planner,
which I recommend highly as a good-if-imperfect third-party source for tracking online traffic. So make this
a permanent bookmark: .
Also, keep in mind that web games published by these sites are often embedded on third-party sites (that's
the magic of Flash!), so the monthly visitors do not necessarily reflect the publisher's entire market.
Here's how to contact the folks at Kongregate:
Developer's page:
Developer's contact: Game Director Greg McClanahan at
CROSSREF Kongregate is covered extensively in Chapter 7, “Deep Dive into Web Gaming: Who Plays,
Who Pays.” I highly recommend that you read that chapter before contacting Kongregate.
Developer's page: (free account for game submission required)
Estimated user base: 8.2 million (according to Google Ad Planner)
Key demographics: Aged 14-21, 75-80 percent male; 55-60 percent based in the United States; 20-30
percent in Canada/UK; and the rest from China and Europe
Site profile: Along with the preceding user demographic data, Daniel McNeely of Armor Games
provides the following background on the platform.
The Most Common Mistakes Developers First Make on the Armor Games
The most common mistakes include:
Lack of polish: “Oftentimes, the most successful games we have seen have simple concepts that are en-
joyable to play,” says McNeely. “From the push of the start menu to the end screen, it's so well polished
that it's an all-encompassing experience.” McNeely cites something Pixar filmmaker John Lasseter and
others have said about great film, and it also applies to great Flash games: “The reward is the journey,
not the destination.”
Not introducing the game's hook soon enough: By this McNeely means the unique feature that gives
the players an “aha!” moment and conveys its distinctive variety of fun or gameplay, be it a character,
a story, or other element that hooks the players. If you bury that key feature too deep into the game's
progression, many players may not play long enough to get hooked.
The Most Unique Features of Armor Games versus Competing Platforms
The most unique features include content and quality. McNeely says his site's goal is not to be “the YouTube of
games.” Instead, “We want our portal to be the best of the best.”
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