Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Appendix A
Resources for Designers
This appendix contains some resources to take with you into your next stage of game design and development,
starting with several resources that all developers can draw from, and then moving on to those for each particular
Where to Go Next: My Blog and Contact
Info is the address of my blog, New World Notes, the first place I hope you visit after reading this
book. This blog began when I was helping develop Second Life, the user-generated virtual world game plat-
form, which I still write about (and occasionally develop in). I've since expanded the blog to cover user-gener-
ated gaming in general.
This is where you come in, game developer. Tell me about the iOS/web/Facebook games you're making,
because I probably want to write about them and encourage my readers to play them. (After all, you bought
my book, which pretty much proves how brilliant you are.) I also love writing about your crowd-funded game
projects, because there's nothing cooler than a community of gamers coming together to help developers fund
the games they're passionate about.
I'm also a part-time game developer (especially on the design, writing, and branding/marketing/business de-
velopment side of things), so if you're interested in talking with me in that capacity, please contact me. In any
case, I look forward to reading about your projects.
My e-mail address is .
My Facebook account is Wagner James Au. (Feel free to friend!)
My Twitter account is @SLHamlet .
How to Contact the Venture Capitalists
Interviewed in This Topic
In Chapter 15, “Is Your Game Ready to Get VC or Crowdsourced Funding?”, I interviewed VCs with an im-
pressive track record in backing iOS/web/Facebook game companies. Read what they say very carefully to de-
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