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and depth required in the sports genre—both from the players understanding the rules/interface and the deve-
loper programming all the rules and the AI—is at odds with the nature of the Flash industry, where games that
are simple, immediately fun, and have broad appeal are the most successful. There are also a lot of failed puzzle
games released every day, but this is probably just due to how easy they are for new developers to program.
There's no shortage of great puzzle games among the cream of the crop.”
Here are the key points we covered in this chapter:
On iOS, 2D or 2.5D games that leverage the touch interface tend to do better than full 3D games and
ports of game console titles.
On Facebook, games that make use of the social network's friend-sharing features, and are designed for
quick gameplay sessions and point-and-click control, do better than 3D games and those with a solo
gameplay focus.
On the web, genres targeted at specific demographics (match-3 puzzles for women, dress-up games for
younger girls, shooter/action games for young males, and so on) tend to do well. In addition, tower de-
fense, launcher games, and hybrid games that combine genre elements or add a twist to popular gameplay
features also perform well. By contrast, sports and most puzzles games are usually less successful (the
latter due to overabundance).
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