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Chapter 17
Concluding Thoughts Before You Start
In This Chapter
Learning why now is a great time to be a game designer
Designing games with originality in mind
Gaining confidence that your audience will find you
The game platforms covered in this topic offer all kinds of opportunities for game designers, especially new or
indie, low-budget developers. But because the market is so saturated with competition, they also give designers
even more chances to fail or fall way short. However, most of the developers and experts I talked to for this tcop
started small. Often, they had little prior experience working in the game industry or didn't even know how to
write code for the games they wanted to design. But, with trial and error and persistence, they were able to turn
their passion and talent into a full-fledged career of making games. In this chapter, they'll share some lessons
they learned along the way—advice that'll inspire you to keep going and wisdom to help keep you focused on
that ultimate goal.
Learning from Leading
Designers—Lessons You'll Need When
You're Ready to Design
I hope this topic has answered a lot of your questions about the business side of game design on the world's three
biggest platforms. But it occurs to me it hasn't answered the two most crucial questions:
• Why design games when the market is already so saturated?
• What's going to keep me going at night, when it seems like success is impossible?
These are queries worth pondering. Because as I think I've made clear, even if you were to follow all the
advice in this topic, the odds of succeeding are still against you. Even the few Facebook games that manage to
attract millions of players can sometimes be classified as failures. Thousands of web games are played just a
few hundred times, making their developers a few dollars at most. When hundreds of iOS game developers were
asked how much money they made from their games, only 15 percent said they'd reached the six-figure range.
So why take the risks and keep pressing on?
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