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Figure 2-6: Elephant Quest: hybrid platformer, RPG, and shooter
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“Because most of our players already have console games, it's difficult to create a popular Flash game by
simply picking a genre and creating a well-made (yet uninspired) game of that type—most games need to have
some kind of special hook, or some fun little mechanic at the core.”
What Doesn't Work in Web Games
Now let's turn to web games that don't work as well.
Poorly Designed/Executed Games
Mochi Media's Cupp says, “I don't actually believe there is a genre that works least well ; rather, there are games
that don't perform well—or at least not as well as expected. There are myriad reasons for this, including not un-
derstanding the audience—therefore no real connection with the player, poor game design, not enough polish,
too many bugs, et cetera.”
Sports and (Most) Puzzle Games
Kongregate's McClanahan, says “[A]ny genre can be made to work well, but there's definitely a lack of success-
ful sports games—aside from racing. I'm not entirely sure why, but if I had to guess I'd say that the complexity
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