Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 16-54: Design ideas for crab interaction with predators
Tone, Themes, Influences, and Inspiration
From the original design doc:
Tiger Style's design document lays out the overall tone and theme of the game with the following descriptions,
accompanied by stills from movies like Alien and Moon and photographs of the natural world.
Tone: Serious, Credible, “Hard”
Fiction backed up by credible science, presented seriously enough so that players can become absorbed if they
choose to.
Inspiration: Real-World Mars Study and Exploration
NASA. Human engineering versus the harsh environment of space. Speculation of the history of the planet
based on observation. Childhood dream to be an astronaut.
Tone: Unearthly
Rotation or distortion of concepts from Earth as though by some alien logic. Structural and logical, but the
product of an unknowable mind. We want the player to feel unsettled, like this place has so many elements that
are familiar, and yet nothing is ever quite as expected—e.g., music with unusual key or time signature changes,
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