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Figure 2-5: Kingdom Rush, an extremely popular tower defense game on Kongregate
“I'm not entirely sure why this is,” says McClanahan. “It could be that the genres lend themselves well to
games that are quick to get into and immediately fun. They're also game experiences that are far less common
on other platforms. Additionally, large, deep, high-production-value, polished games seem to do disproportion-
ately well on Kongregate relative to the rest of the web—the Mardek series is a great example of this. When
I'm doing Flash sponsorships, it often seems like short and simple games spread to other sites a lot better, even
if their ratings on Kongregate aren't great.”
Hybrid Genre or “Twist” Games
Again, Greg McClanahan of Kongregate: “Another genre popular in the Flash world is games that don't fit
into a predefined genre very easily. Oftentimes developers can score big points with players by showing them
something unique and fun. For example, most games by [Kongregate developer] Nerdook are difficult to char-
acterize by genre.
“Elephant Quest [see Figure 2-6 ] is a blend between platformer, RPG, and shooter. Platformer games by
themselves usually aren't very popular, but platform games with some kind of unique twist are popular, such as
Company of Myself, One and One Story, Enough Plumbers, Chronotron, Adventure Story, and Spewer. Other
games, like Dolphin Olympics, Pandemic, and Music Catch, are difficult to place into a genre.
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