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Figure 16-37: Waking Mars Ecosystem Gameplay Design doc
Figures 16-38 through 16-41 describe a few “mid-level gameplay” possibilities that attempt to answer the
crucial questions, “Why are you growing plants?” and “Why does it matter where you choose to plant a partic-
ular seed?” Smith explains, “So for example, in Figure 16-41 , you see that Light plants must be planted where
they can shine on Oxygen plants, weeds must be planted where they can toss seeds back and forth to each other,
and so on. This interaction encourages the player to think carefully about where to plant and then respond ac-
cordingly as conditions evolve. There is an alternative possibility expressed in Figure 16-40 , a complicated (but
thematically appropriate) mid-level system that measures various environmental conditions impacted by the life
forms you've grown. Your goal would be to get each condition within target ranges by growing or destroying
life forms, making sure you'd hit a minimum amount of biomass.
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