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Figure 16-31: Waking Mars design focus points, continued
“For instance, it wasn't as fun to climb to the top of a cliff just to toss seeds to feed creatures. It was faster
and more immediate to be able to jet-pack up there instantly, which meant you could perform more ecosystem
actions more quickly without worrying about falling to your death.
“[Many slides refer] to the headlamp, which was a major player tool for many months of iteration. Similar
to the cave-diving mechanics, we eventually cut this to keep the emphasis of the game in the right place and
to keep the controls simple. However, we held onto it for a long time, so lots of our documentation attempts to
describe ways to make the tool valuable as a central aspect of gameplay—growing plants with light, or repelling
flying creatures, and so forth.”
The next slides from this Waking Mars Design document (see Figures 16-32 to 16-36 ) depict the gameplay
throughout the course of the game and the intended feel of the core game mechanic (see Figure 16-36 , “Action
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