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Tetris Battle became popular, its lead designer told me, only after they added a loading page and tutorial that carefully explained its keyboard-
based gameplay.
Figure 2-3: Tetris Battle's tutorial teaches Facebook gamers how to use the keyboard for play.
What Doesn't Work on Facebook
After four years of Facebook games, it's also possible to make some pretty fair generalizations of what doesn't
work on the platform, as described in the following sections.
3D Graphics
Although Flash and other web platforms can now display robust 3D graphics, and some 3D games are popular
on the larger web, no Facebook game with 3D graphics has achieved any significant popularity . This is due in
part to the longer load times associated with graphics-heavy games and Facebook's preference for short session
gameplay. It's probably just as much due to the mismatch of the attention required for a 3D game versus the
lightly engaged, text-driven experience of the social network. As proof of this, consider Gaikai, the successful
cloud-deployment service. In April 2012, it began offering high-quality 3D console games for free on Facebook,
but as of June, it had gained fewer than 9,000 fans.
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