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Figure 16-1: Spider game design document
“It's important that you be able to boil the essence of your game down to a small number of very succinct
bullet points.” (See Figure 16-2 . ) “This helps you identify what is most important so you can focus on it to the
exclusion of potential distractions and embellishments.
“In this case, we already see right away that this document describes a different version of Spider than what
we shipped.” (See Figure 16-3 . ) “We started with this concept but let the software speak to us once digital proto-
typing began, evolving it into a more accessible, casual game. There was never any need to redo this document-
ation, but if I had, the second bullet would probably say something about the core 'action drawing' mechanic
and the third would reference the environmental storytelling that quietly invites players into the mystery of an
abandoned mansion.
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