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“That'll get you pretty far,” says Hon, “But then you still need a good idea, ideally one that can be sum-
marized in a single tweet, and 'An iPhone game where you run away from zombies in the real world' is pretty
simple—and I think that's what made it go really viral.”
Be Careful with Physical Rewards
“We were a little optimistic on how quickly we could ship the physical rewards,” Hon tells me. “If you haven't
printed, packed, and shipped hundreds of T-shirts and posters internationally before, well, it's not a picnic and
can easily consume a lot of time and money.” See Figure 15-5 .
“I've actually sold posters online before, and this was still more complicated than I thought. It would have
been better to promise them coming a couple of months later, so we weren't trying to do too many things at
Figure 15-5: T-Shirt rewards for ZOMBIES, RUN!
For New Developers: A Truly New Idea and a Playable
Hon has an established game company, Six to Start, and co-creator Alderman is a seasoned writer for Perplex
City and other relatively well-known games. Their experience probably made it easier for them to raise funds.
For those without a professional track record, Hon has this advice:
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