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Figure 15-2: War Commander RTS from KIXEYE, backed by Lightspeed.
This is even more true for the library of iOS games, which grows exponentially on a weekly basis.
However, this very fact makes discoverability quite crucial. “In a world where there are tons and tons of
games,” says Liew, “how do you get [your game] to be the one people try and are talking about?” It's not enough
to create a great game, because, “There are so many great games that are sitting out there languishing.”
The Biggest Mistake Developers Make During a Pitch
What is the biggest mistake many developers make during pitch meetings? Talking about how good the game is
going to be, to the exclusion everything else. Liew tells me this is a common mistake, with developers insisting,
in the face of his skeptical questions, “Yeah, but the game is going to be awesome... that's why it's definitely
going to work.”
Quite a number of popular physics-based puzzle games were on the market before Angry Birds, but few could have guessed the game would
not only dominate that category, but would also become a mainstream phenomenon.
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