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Figure 14-5: Chinese-themed content from Hero Academy (Jiang Hu Heroic Team) for China.
Rovio took a similar tack when introducing Angry Birds to China, adding Moon Festival levels, and timing
the game's release for that holiday. As a Chinese gamer, says Fong, “That draws my attention immediately.”
And gaining attention in China translates into game downloads from tens of millions of players, which in turn
translates into in-game payments from hundreds of thousands of them—a potentially huge revenue stream that
should draw Western developers' attention.
Here are the key points we covered in this chapter:
Free-to-play will remain king on iOS, so commit to designing games with in-app payments, virtual
goods, and other alternative revenue models besides paid downloads.
Rising user acquisition costs will benefit the big publishers—small developers should consider joining
them or find ways to integrate user acquisition with their game mechanics, such as with Draw Something.
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