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Second is categorization cleanup. At the moment, developers can designate the genre of their game; con-
sequently, many of them list the same title under Strategy and Arcade and Roleplaying, and so on, no matter
how much a stretch it is to do so. (And if you're a developer reading this who does that—dude, enough with
it already.) As Minotti notes, “In a bookstore, it's not the publisher who decides on what shelf his book should
be.” At some point, it's plausible that Apple will address this categorization problem.
iPad Will Go Hard-Core
With an increase in graphics quality and cloud-deployment options (among other factors), the iPad will probably
become a hard-core gaming platform (see Figure 14-2 ) .
Flurry's Minotti points to two hard-core genres that will benefit from this change: “As a human interface,
tablets are especially well-suited for MMORPGs [as are] any strategy/resource management games with lots of
selecting and moving things around.”
NOTE “Expect the next version of World of Warcraft to be played as much on a tablet as on a PC,” says
Patrick Minotti.
For game developers, the implications of iPad as a hard-core platform are pretty clear—start thinking about
MMOs and strategy games in relation to the iPad.
Figure 14-2: Selection-heavy strategy games like Battleheart are an ideal fit for iPads.
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