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Figure 14-1: Draw Something integrated new user acquisition through social sharing into its gameplay.
Game-of-the-Week Games
Developers could do well to think about how they might expand their games into a weekly franchise.
Noting that games that appear toward the top of Apple's game charts enjoy a huge sales/download boost, Spark
Capital's Nabeel Hyatt believes we'll see companies that play on that assumption and become, as he describes
them, “Game-of-the-Week” companies. In other words, the developer will begin to turn out a single app per
week, such as the latest installment of an episodic game, in a bid to hit the charts. This also means we'll see
games with a lot of design features intended to achieve chart placement.
This prediction leads to yet another likely trend:
Anticipate Changes in App Store Discovery
Discoverability remains a pressing and persistent problem with the App Store, so it's probable Apple will
change the way games are categorized and displayed there. Two likely possibilities to consider, courtesy of
Flurry's Minotti, are as follows.
First is social network integration, whereby the App Store displays games that your friends are playing (yet
another reason to add social media integration to your game).
If Apple finally fixes its App Store categories, my guess is that games designed with strong genre trappings will benefit.
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