Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
• DragonVale
• Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North
• Rage of Bahamut
• Minecraft—Pocket Edition
• Plague Inc.
• Castle Age HD
• Dragon Story
• Global War
• Kingdom Age
Six are casual/puzzle/social gaming:
• Bejeweled Blitz
• Tap Paradise Cove
• Smurfs' Village
• The Sims FreePlay
• Draw Something
And the remaining five are casino:
• Slotomania
• Zynga Poker
• Card Ace: Casino
• Slots Journey
• Texas Poker
This is more or less a typical spread.
What Works Best on iOS
Although hardcore titles are generally most likely to gross the most money on iOS, the games that are most
successful on the platform have less to do with genre and more to do with their gameplay.
Games That Leverage iOS's Touch Interface
Although this may seem like an obvious point, the high number of games that are mere ports of handheld con-
sole games (see the section cleverly titled “Gaming Console Ports” later in this chapter) makes it worth stating
here: Most top-selling iOS games emphasize use of the iOS unique touch/slide screen interface in gameplay. It
is evident, of course, in blockbusters like Angry Birds, but almost all of 2011's top-grossing games also made
central use of the touch/slide feature, including Tap Zoo (see Figure 2-1 ) and Tap Pet Hotel, which even em-
phasize the iOS interface in the actual game title.
Related to this, it's worth noting that the iPad, with its much larger screen, works even better than its smaller
cousin for touch-based gameplay. It's for this reason that missing object games, in which players have to locate
and point out items located within a large game environment, do particularly well on the iPad.
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