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CROSSREF Chapter 15, “Is Your Game Ready to Get VC or Crowdsourced Funding?” covers basic advice
on using Kickstarter for game development. However, always keep in mind the publicity and community-
building aspect of the service and of crowd-funding platforms like it.
Develop a Monetization Plan That's Natural to the Game
Free-to-play Hatch will monetize with virtual goods sales—essentially, items players can buy for their pet.
NOTE “With freemium you need to build a relationship with the player,” Ryu argues, “that's when the
money starts coming in.”
By design, this monetization is organic and natural to the game, because Hatch will be about building a rela-
tionship with your fugu and starting to care about it.
Unsurprisingly, Ryu and his team may also merchandise real fugu dolls.
If the game successfully creates that bond, players will naturally look for toys, treats, and other items they
can buy to spoil their fugu, same as they would with an actual pet (see Figure 13-11 ) .
Figure 13-11: Hatch virtual pet supplies for (real) sale.
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