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If you're playing music on your phone, your fugu will dance. Incorporating the iPhone's new face-recogni-
tion software, Hatch even allows you to play a minigame of peek-a-boo with your fugu.
Perhaps most clever of all, and unlike other artificial creature games, your fugu is directly linked to your
phone—as your iPhone's battery loses energy, your fugu starts getting tired too (see Figure 13-10 ).
Figure 13-10: Your Fugu Losing energy as your phone does.
If all goes as planned, Ryu will launch Hatch shortly before this topic goes to print, as a free-to-play iOS
game monetized with virtual goods sales, employing a clever marketing strategy that you'll read about later.
With amazingly evocative and adorable artwork and character designs by David Lanham (co-founder of Ryu's
software studio, Impending), Hatch has a decent chance of becoming a hit. It could quite possibly be a major hit
on the order of Angry Birds or the Tamagotchi digital pets that were so popular with kids in the 90s. Whether
or not that happens, Ryu learned a lot about the nature of iOS design in the creation of Hatch, which fellow
designers can likely draw from.
Consider the Marketing and Community Building
Potential of Kickstarter Apart from Fundraising
If all goes as planned, Ryu and his team will announce the game's launch by August 2012 on Kickstarter. This
is not so much for raising money, but for using Kickstarter's social and promotion tools to create a supportive
community around Hatch, which will in turn become evangelists for the game and help Impending promote it.
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