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Figure 13-6: Cave exploration in Waking Mars.
Strategies for Remote Development: Convey the Concept
to All; Delegate the Solutions to the Team
As mentioned earlier, Tiger Style doesn't have a traditional office location, and all of its developers work re-
motely. “I don't think being a distributed company has impacted our final products, but it does change the pro-
cesses we use to create and communicate design,” says Smith.
As the creative director, one of Smith's most important jobs is to get everybody seeing the same end goal
so that their efforts align nicely into a cohesive, unified work. Smith worked for years at game studios where
people saw each other every day in the office, talked often about the game they're designing, and looked at
each others' screens to review and collaborate on their work. You'd think that kind of direct, high-bandwidth
communication would increase clarity, and to some extent it certainly does, but Smith also found that there's a
tendency to take for granted that people understand each other when sometimes they don't.
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